Travel Guide

Visiting Puerto Vallarta, General Tourism Info.

  • POPULATION: 300,000 habitants.
  • CLIMATE: Tropical & humid weather with sunny days all year long. Rainy season starts from early July to late September. The average weather conditions are sunny days with a regular temperature of 26 to 30 °C (80 to 86 26 °F).
  • CURRENCY: The Peso is the national currency in Mexico. American & Canadian Dollars are well accepted in any business. The best way to maximize your money is changing it in banks; money exchange at Airport and downtown booths will give you less value for your exchange.
  • NATURE: Vacationing in Puerto Vallarta takes you to a place where you will witness some of the world’s greatest biodiversity. Los Arcos and the Marietas Islands are our two marine national parks. Protected marine species are seen all year round from sea turtles that arrive to our shores to ley their eggs on summer time to humpback whales & dolphins that visit us all winter season.
  • TRADITIONS & CULTURE: Puerto Vallarta, also known as “Vallarta” or just “PV” maintains a small-town atmosphere with a touch of Mexican traditions while still boasting one of the most unique and sophisticated oceanfronts in Mexico. Spanish is the primary language spoken, but many people especially those who work in the tourist zone speak English. Take some time to discover its other perks for yourself by sampling the delicious food, discovering a hidden boutique in the romantic zone, sipping a signature cocktail at a bar along the downtown boardwalk or dancing to a salsa beat in a Havana-style nightclub.
  • TRANSPORTATION: (BUSES OR TAXI) Puerto Vallarta has a system of urban buses with routes all around town. Current fare is $7.50 pesos per ticket,per passenger. Buses are a safe transportation but can get crowded some times. City taxis are the yellow cars you see all around town. They charge by ride not by person & the rates are defined within different zones. Make sure to agree on the price before taking the taxi. Make sure to ask our concierge for advices and rates to move around town.
  • WATER: The water treatment system in Puerto Vallarta produces the highest international standards for purity and cleanliness;however, we still recommend you use purified water.Bottled water is also available at our villa, at every grocery store and most restaurants in town.
  • FOOD: Puerto Vallarta is considered home to the second best restaurant scene in Mexico, after Mexico City. The town’s gastronomy is recognized for its unique blend of traditional Mexican ingredients with contemporary influences from around the globe. Every year, Puerto Vallarta hosts an International Gourmet Festival. The festival is a ten-day celebration where about 20 guest chefs in addition to talented local chefs offer special Chef’s Table and Winemaker dinners, tastings, classes and demonstrations in over 20 participating restaurants.

Holidays & festivities.

  • EASTER HOLIDAYS: March 29- April 05. This week and Pascua, the following week are traditionally the most popular oceanside tourist weeks of the year for Mexicans. Many activities and many people visit Puerto Vallarta.
  • PUERTO VALLARTA´S BIRTHDAY: May 31st , 1968 is the date Puerto Vallarta became an official city. Puerto Vallarta offers fine musical shows at the downtown boardwalk & Fireworks at night to celebrate our traditions.
  • NAVY DAY: June 1st. There is an offshore parade of the entire Navy ships in port, followed by tour boats and fishing boats flying their nautical flags. The Navy ships lead and the other boats follow and form a circle for a short ceremony honoring Naval personel. Ceremony is done during the morning and the best place to experience it is by the downtown boardwalk.
  • INDEPENDENCE DAY: September 15th. The celebrations are patriotic and spirited. From a magnificent display of fireworks to traditional street dances, Independence day is very enthusiastically celebrated here in Vallarta.Schools, banks, post offices, government offices and many shops are closed.
  • RELIGIOUS PARADE- OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE: December 1- 12th. The celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Virgen de Gualdalupe), with its colorful religious processions (Peregrinaciones) from December 1-12, is the most public and extended religious holiday in Mexico. Guadalupe is the patron saint of both Puerto Vallarta and of Mexico. She is believed to be the manifestation of the Virgin Mary in the Americas. Puerto Vallarta celebrates this event with daily processions by social, civic and business groups and from adjoining communities to the Church of Guadalupe, in the center of Downtown Vallarta. Some of the larger of these processions may include parades with floats, dancers, music and fireworks. As each group arrives at the Cathedral, the church bells are rung in a rather enthusiastic manner.
  • CHRISTMAS EVE: December 24th. A night of parties in Vallarta. Families gather late in the evening and feast until dawn. Piñatas are hung and children receive gifts, even though the Mexican tradition is for gifts to be given to children on January 6th, instead.
  • NEW YEARS: December 31st. Puerto Vallarta is an exciting place to be for New Year’s Eve with endless opportunities to fit anyone’s lifestyle and level of adventure.
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